Categories: NewsPublished On: March 19th, 2023


Categories: News


Last Updated: August 22nd, 2023

New Cooperation With Vertical SRL

Medical Ware, wishing to expand its activities to chronic pain management services, has entered into a partnership with the Italian company Vertical SRL, with which it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement in the Cypriot and Greek territories.

The company Vertical SRL has on the market the Epi Navigator which is used for:

Pulse therapy in the ganglion and epidural space,
Electrical stimulation
PRF therapies for modulating chronic neurocancer pain and for neuromodulation of neural tissue
The device allows medication to be injected
Test for bone marrow stimulation.

The company is headquartered in the community of Spresiano, Italy.

Our team is very proud of this new collaboration that is added to the company’s portfolio and is part of the continuous improvement of the services provided to our partners.

Quality and innovative solutions are at the heart of our philosophy and the principles we follow.


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