The patient can stand up about 6 – 8 hours after pldd and the recovery of the daily activities must to be very gradually – step by step – in the 3 weeks. The coming back work will vary from 15 to 45 days (depending on the type of patient’s job ). It is mandatory that the patient always respects few rules for those who suffer or suffered for disc hernia:
1 – never make efforts in general;
2- avoid too many and continue flows and / or torsions of the spine ;
3- avoid activities with jumps ;
4- avoid overweight;
5- avoid many sports or some kinds of bad exercises at gym or home that are very dangerous on a medium long time for the spine;
6- avoid incorrect body positions;
7- avoid to seat for long time (it is a gold rule every one hour of sitting to stand up 5 minutes).
Almost all sports are healthy for body but keeping in mind that two structures of our body can suffer in a very harmful manner practicing them : the spine and the knees. To walk is the most healthy physical activity. In 90% of cases also swim (back style and free style) and stretching with spine in axis and unloading are very useful.