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Invitation for Alfamed and Metrum Cryoflex presentation in Athens- 1st of February

It is with great enthusiasm that we, the team at 77 Medical Ware, organise an exclusive event that marks a significant milestone in the advancement of medical technologies and treatments. This event is scheduled to showcase groundbreaking developments and collaborations in the field of pain management and neurosurgery. We are eager to have you join us for this informative and engaging session.

Highlights of the Event:

Exclusive Collaboration Announcement with Alfamed: We are thrilled to unveil our new exclusive agency partnership with Alfamed. This collaboration introduces pioneering medical equipment, including the Alfamed-manufactured Guided Epidural Electrocatheter Devices for Pulsed Radiofrequency Therapy in the Epidural Space of the Spinal Spine (Voyager) and the innovative video-guided catheters (Epi-Voyager). The Epi-Voyager, notable for its 4 operating channels, represents a significant advancement in spinal endoscopy, utilized in both anterior and posterior epidural spaces of the lumbo-sacral spine.

Metrum Cryoflex Exclusive Collaboration Announcement: We are also delighted to officially announce our exclusive collaboration agreement with Metrum Cryoflex for the Cryoanalgesia service (CRYO). This follows our successful exclusive collaboration for the PLDD service, further solidifying our commitment to bringing advanced pain management solutions to the medical community. We are representative of Metrum Cryoflex in Albania as well and we are sure that this is a very good chance to have more information about the product, having face to face meeting and discussions with other doctors who use this service and with the owner of Metrum Cryoflex as well.

Clinical Presentation by Dr. Peios: The event will be further enriched by a clinical presentation from the esteemed Neurosurgeon Dr. Peios. This session will delve into the nuances of Pulsed Radio Frequency (PRF) techniques and Epiduroscopy, offering insights into their clinical applications and benefits.

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